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Design manager at Actilum, 2019. I worked on a team project that aimed to redefine the company’s strategy and generate new revenue streams by taking advantage of current positioning and global trends.

The project

As the company experienced rapid growth and expanded into new markets, it became essential to leverage its current and unique brand values to gain a competitive edge and establish a strong position in the customers minds. This would enable the company to differentiate itself and effectively communicate its value proposition in the evolving product landscape.

Two circles showing growth


The project’s primary challenge revolved around aligning the market needs, customer perceptions, and the company’s core values. To address this challenge, we embarked on a comprehensive analysis of the market landscape, competitors, and emerging trends. Simultaneously, we conducted an in-depth internal assessment, taking into account the company’s historical context.

Another significant hurdle we encountered was the lack of consistency caused by uncontrolled growth, resulting in fragmented processes and documentation. This inconsistency created a discrepancy between the brand and visual identity, leading to confusion among both customers and employees regarding the company’s overall identity.

Analysing a market


During the research stage, we found that the clients were not perceiving the company’s main values, and the company was outdated compared to its competitors.

This discovery was instrumental in guiding the project in the next steps, where we focused on conducting a thorough analysis of direct and indirect competitors. By analysing their values, brands, and products, we were able to extract their essence and translate it into a map of opportunities that would guide our next steps in redefining the brand.

Another discovery was that by involving the employees in the process of defining and implementing the new brand strategy, we created a sense of ownership and engagement among the team, which helped build momentum and support for the changes.

What the business shows isn't what the clients perceives


First of all, we presented a roadmap to the directors outlining the steps required to improve and align the brand with the current needs of the company, the market and our clients.

Then we developed clear guidelines and provided training to ensure that everyone in the company understood how to apply the new brand strategy in their work.

To validate the brand changes, we conducted rigorous testing with the introduction of a new product line targeted at a specific niche market. Additionally, we conducted interviews with our clients to gain a deep understanding of their perceptions and experiences.

Through these interviews, we gathered valuable insights into how the clients were perceiving the brand changes and whether they aligned with their expectations. This feedback played a crucial role in fine-tuning our brand strategy and ensuring that it resonated with our target audience. By involving the clients in the process, we were able to gain their trust and enhance their overall satisfaction with our products and brand.

A roadmap for the business structured in time


My expertise in graphic and product design, along with my constant research and keeping up with the latest trends in various markets, provided me with a comprehensive understanding of global trends.

Additionally, my experience in the LED market provided me with insights that helped identify the best ideas from other markets that could be applied to the company.

Overall, my expertise and insights were instrumental in shaping the direction of the project and identifying opportunities for growth and improvement.

An iconic human selecting the best parts of different markets


The successful implementation of the brand changes resulted in significant improvements in various aspects of the company’s operations. Firstly, the project achieved improved customer engagement and a strengthened brand identity. This was accomplished by creating a comprehensive product strategy and design guidelines for the implementation of next-generation LED luminaires.

These strategic guidelines ensured that the company’s products met the current needs of the market while preparing for future trends. Additionally, an opportunities map was developed, which identified market-ready lighting products that aligned with the company’s brand values and customer expectations.

The alignment of the brand changes with the product strategy and design guidelines played a pivotal role in connecting with clients and enhancing their overall experience. By offering innovative and high-quality LED luminaires that met the market demands, the company was able to captivate and engage its customers on a deeper level. The consistent brand identity across these products also reinforced the company’s position in the market and fostered a sense of trust and reliability among customers.

Moreover, the successful implementation of the project had a positive impact on employee engagement and alignment. The clear articulation of the brand values and the incorporation of these values into the product strategy and design guidelines created a shared sense of purpose among employees. This empowered them to deliver exceptional products and services that resonated with customers and reinforced the company’s brand identity.

As a result of these efforts, the project contributed to establishing a stronger and more distinctive position in the market. The implementation of the product strategy and design guidelines, along with the opportunities map, allowed the company to differentiate itself from competitors and capitalise on emerging trends. This strengthened market position led to increased customer recognition, improved market share, and overall business growth.

In conclusion, the successful brand changes, coupled with the strategic product strategy and design guidelines, achieved improved customer engagement and a strengthened brand identity. This project played a pivotal role in connecting with clients, enhancing employee engagement, and establishing a stronger position in the market.

A clear and organized opportunity map


Planning ahead of time, while considering the user perspective, is critical to designing and delivering the best solution.

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